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View of Bejar By Ventura Lirios


was originally commissioned by the Duke of Béjar in the the 18th century.  The original painting is currently located in Seville in the Duke's permanent collection.  Painted by emigrated Italian painter Ventura Lirios,  there are many reproductions of this painting found all over Béjar.  The painting contains a details aerial view of the town and numbered legend of important landmarks such as the Duccal palace and the Moorish fortress walls, as well as a reference to the legend of the Moss Men of Béjar. 

View of Béjar,  By Ventura Lirios

Detail of View of Béjar

Detail of View of Béjar


As I prepare for my solo exhibition at El Obrero Casino Ateneo Cultural produced by the Museo Judio David Melul of Béjar,  I have been studying this painting through google images and have been re-interpretating the landscape through my own neo-expressionist abstract lens.  


Original painting by Julie Gladstone 

Hommage to Ventura Lirios (View of Béjar)

48" x 48"  

oil on canvas




(please contact artist to inquire about purchase) 

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