Drawing Underwater Journey - Alchemical Winter Yoga 2021 by Julie Gladstone

Underwater Journey - Alchemical Winter Yoga 2021

January 11th - March 1st   2021

8 week yoga series
MONDAYS 6 - 7pm*
with Julie Gladstone via zoom

* each class will also be recorded and you will receive a private link to youtube where you can access each week's class as many times/ and at any time that you like.

This winter join artist, healer, alchemist, and senior yoga instructor Julie Gladstone for an 8 week gentle yoga and meditation journey through the mysterious watery world of the winter season. In the 5 elements, Winter season is associated with the Water Element. In this series, practices are drawn from Traditional hatha yoga, Taoist philosophy, ancient mythology, earth based spirituality and Traditional Chinese Medicine and will focus on winter health and wellness on the level of mind, body/ emotions and spirit.
Each class will include meditation, visualization and physical postures to stay inspired, connected to our internal light, love and warmth, and tap into the transformational powers of the winter season while nourishing our limbs, lower back, heart and kidneys meridians.

This 8 week series is offered on a sliding scale:
(recommended $80 - $160 for 8 classes. )

To register, please email julianne.gladstone@gmail.com 

$160.00 CAD