Things the River Washed Away


Red feathers float down and land in the stream

Under a full moon

A flock of cardinals in my dreams

Warnings on red wings

Of tiny sparks and precious things


You were born in winter 

And I lay in the snow

With my ear to the ground

Listening for murmurs 

Of frozen rivers and silent dreams


Summer came and 

We nursed under the willow trees

Drinking deep from a buried stream 

Flowing underground beneath the city


If you weep in the grass,

Let your tears soak through the ground 

And join the river of tears that runs underneath

That connects us all 

So they again can rise in spring

With the four leaf clovers and dandelion wings


If you put your ear to the ground

Listen for the whispers that remain

Of a million wishes made

And some that floated away


We came to two rivers,

One above and one below

My heart cracked open 

Spindles and black things fell 

Spirals and wings unfurled

A hologram an eclipse of the moon


The things the rivers washed away

A veil of tears in November rain

Petals in the month of May